About Us


To make people feel better with increased physical abilities and promoting healthy living through pain free movement.


We continue to seek the best means in technology, manual therapies, and movement re-training to empower all clients. We will always provide superior and customized attention to all clients so they may achieve their mission.


Physical Performance Solutions started as a traditional outpatient physical therapy business called Versa Therapies in the Philadelphia PA area in 2003. In 2005, we decided to make a change and became a fee for service company that provided one on one treatment at the location of the client’s choice, and began to accept horses for clients as well. During that time there were opportunities to work with businesses that had various ergonomic challenges.

In 2010 Versa moved their central location to historic Aiken, SC. Today, as Physical Performance Solutions, we continue to grow in our successful prevention of soft tissue injury in industry through providing OSHA approved first aid massage, movement re-training, and physical biometrics, with a focus on evidenced-based restoration and normalization of biomechanical movements.


Let’s face it! We are all going to be challenged in flexibility and strength at one time or another.

Whether your barrier is from over use, trauma, chronic limitations, neurological, surgical, Physical Performance Solution’s expertise in using the latest technology, and use of manual therapy and movement re-patterning, will guide you to a more active lifestyle.


As a leader in evidenced-based biomechanics, we continue to advance our abilities to specifically identify movement barriers for private individuals of any age in manufacturing and corporate environments. Solving ergonomic barriers in any setting that can cause safety concerns or the increased risk of incidence of musculoskeletal disorders is what we do best.