About Us


To make people feel better with increased physical abilities and promoting healthy living through pain free movement.


We continue to seek the best means in technology, manual therapies, and movement re-training to empower all clients. We will always provide superior and customized attention to all clients so they may achieve their mission.


Physical Performance Solutions emanated from various previous business models that offered wellness, physical therapy, personal training, and injury prevention methods.  Today, we continue to employ the latest technology for all of our clients.  As our motto,

“One size fits one.”

Each client is viewed as a whole, not just the body part of the complaint.  Research shows us that we must view each client individually, that there is no formula for the same diagnoses.  We are fortunate to provide proven methods to our clients that educate them more about why they come to see us and how to take care of themselves; to become less dependent on professionals to “fix them.”


Living life, living a satisfying life, means our physical abilities must be nurtured, honed, and maintained.  As we age, this becomes more challenging.

Whether your barrier is from overuse, trauma, chronic limitations, neurological, surgical, Physical Performance Solution’s expertise in using the latest technology, and manual therapy and movement re-patterning, will guide you to a more active lifestyle.


As a leader in evidenced-based biomechanics, we continue to advance our abilities to identify movement barriers for all individuals specifically.  Even if you are challenged with your workstation, we have the ability and expertise to assist you in finding optimal alternatives for your work.   Solving ergonomic barriers in any setting that can cause safety concerns or the increased risk of musculoskeletal disorders is what we do best.