What we are learning from the COVID19 is just how quickly it spreads and has the capability to interact with certain medications people maybe taking. The consequences for some are life threatening and death.   Safe distancing was an easy method to begin a downward curve of this menacing virus, yet it is not a realistic long term solution.  And, most people do agree that it will take a multitude of methods to truly combat and totally mitigate this virus.


Safe distancing cannot be avoided

Many careers and job tasks will continue to require close human contact: Dentistry, allied health, personal fitness trainers, chiropractors, nursing, parents interacting with their children, and the list is endless, I only name a few.  This is true in many industries.  Close proximity of workers is how the assembly was designed; and, it will take engineering thought, design and additional factors to correct, if that be that organizations top priority list.


Immediate viable options – now

Americans, especially, are not accustomed to wearing protective face masks or gloves when out and about shopping, or at work when PPE does not suggest so.   These types of protection are truly new to Americans.  Lets look more closely at what protective face gear can do:

  • It limits the amount of invisible droplets of any contaminant that is in the air from entering your nose or mouth. This is not just for COVID19.  It can be a simple cold virus.


  • Many individuals wear protective face gear during high pollen seasons, during times in areas where dust clouds are in the area or increased smog density.   Others with suppressed immune systems may opt to wear them because IT DOES limit the percentage of contaminants into them.


  • Wearing protective face gear can also limit your expulsion of any contaminants you may be harboring and not aware of. Be honest, how many of us go to work, shop, or attend social gatherings when we have a cold, or “know” we are “coming down” with something?  We have all heard that phrase before.  Only now, we could potentially be spreading serious illness to others, that otherwise appear to be healthy.  And, lets face it, there are those times a sneeze just happens.


  • Wearing protective face gear is also a physical reminder when you cough, sneeze or for us that have a tendency to rub your face. You will feel the mask and be reminded to not touch your face or use your elbow to sneeze or cough into.  The protective face gear will also limit how many contaminants are now on your sleeve that you will now be wearing for the remainder of the day.  And in heavy populated areas with public transportation, how many people may accidentally  rub against that area?

Wearing Protective Gloves

Most of us wear protective gloves at one time or another when performing certain tasks.   Cleaning caustic cleaners at home, or wearing gloves to protect our hands from cold harsh weather.  There are catchers mitts, half finger gloves for weight lifting.  The point is we wear gloves a lot!    Although, no one has given it much thought in recent years to actually wear protective gloves when shopping.   Yes, we tell our children, “Don’t touch that!”, when in a store.  “You don’t know who has handled it before”, etc.   And what about handling all of the food products:  we hold them, read labels, handle fresh produce to see if that is the pepper we want to buy, yet handle it with bare hands.   Ok, we wash the fresh produce once we get home, but whatever we touched is on our hands. So how many things did we touch before we got home?  And, how many of us really use hand sanitizer after EVERY time we touch something?  We don’t.  At least the majority of us do not.

Now, handling items is becoming more important, as we do not know who touched, or sneezed or coughed in that area.  Wearing protective, disposable gloves is a good viable option.

  • Even if you continue to use hand sanitizer, your hands will not be so dried out and scaly. Protective gloves protects your skin with your natural protective oils.
  • When touching something you think is contaminated with what ever, it is easy to remove the gloves safely, thus your skin is clean from the contaminant.


While social distancing will eventually become a natural instinct in the coming years, we can still enjoy physical closeness that humans desire.  It is in our DNA.  We can also become more cognizant and employ items we use already and incorporate them in more of our daily living.

So, don’t be afraid to wear those dressy gloves when having a glass of wine!