Knee Testimonial from a Client

Having knee pain is NO joke!


Get In Charge of Your Soft Tissue Now!

Check What You Think You Know Well: examining the same topic through adopting different conceptions can increase your knowledge

Everyone is learning throughout their day whether it is intentional or not.  On topics that we are well acquainted with, we actually run the risk of missing out on additional information of that same topic.  There are nuances, or undertones that all topics encompass.  As a result of how well we think we know a […]


I received an email from staples the other day. The first bold statement read: There’s no way to spin it. The right chair really matters That made me think.   There is no way to spin it, it is not the right chair, but the worker’s movements at the workstation is what really matters!    Solutions […]


The human body is so complex, relying on a few manual therapy methods may not bring the results your client is searching for.

Yes = Yes, No = No. There is No Maybe

ACE your communication!  How to Recognize, REFINE, Resolve Colleague and Team Expectations and Communications

How Solid are Your Clinic’s Consent Forms?

Consent Forms – If the patient is not successful, neither will your business.

Using Semg in a Physical Therapy Clinical Setting

Semg multi-functional units are for now, not a few years from now.

Assess Your Posture: How your posture reveals your emotions and more

Posture and Safety in the Workplace?! Most certainly they are directly related.

Is Your Client Performing their Homework?

Whether your client is from your personal training facility, out patient physical / occupational therapy, an athlete preparing for the upcoming season, or the industrial athlete, all of them, have the same in common, which, is to be successful in the reasons the client came to see us to begin with. 

Surface electromyograpy, Semg, helps to determine an employee’s symptoms as real or not

All organizations have a certain percentage of employees that seem to have many physical complaints.  Often times the employee attributes various symptoms that they are experiencing to one or more job tasks that they are performing at work. This is nothing new, and is quite common in all organizations. Therefore, many safety managers and healthcare […]

Ummm, “Safe Distancing” will not work to prevent employee soft tissue injuries

In light of this pandemic we affectionally (not) call COVID19, safe distancing of greater than 6 feet, (it really needs to be 13 feet), poses many problems for injury prevention in the work place.  Early interventions that include OHSA approved massage is one large factor.  Physical Performance Solutions data continually demonstrates that utilizing first aid […]

Surface Electromyography: the AI to transform optimal movement and worker injury prevention!

Surface electromyography, Semg, has been in existence for a number of years. It is recently now gained attention and respect of many professional sports teams, college teams and others that wish to hone in on why they are moving they way they do.  Abnormal movement can be created by a host of issues that most […]

Copper and it’s effects on virus and bacteria destruction

It’s funny how as technology increases, we quickly forget God’s methods to reduce, destroy, and protect harmful organisms from human and animal sickness and death.  Do you remember the saying, “they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.” ?  Do you know where that stems from?    Although the use of silver for plates […]

HANDWASHING: Part 2 of Viruses and Bacteria

THE WORLD WE CANNOT SEE There is a vast world that humans cannot see with the naked eye.  Many of these life forms / organisms are foundational to the existence to the homeostasis of this earth.  Some maybe beneficial to humans while others create havoc, sickness and death.  With great thanks to the researchers, thinkers, […]

Viruses and Bacteria: do we really know the differences? Part 1

Take Home Points of Bacteria and Viruses

Remote working from home: Posture, Ergonomics, Exercises: a series on more choices when you are at home SERIES 2 : YOU CAN EXERCISE WHILE WORKING AT YOUR DESK

SERIES 2 :  YOU CAN EXERCISE WHILE WORKING AT YOUR DESK To recap the first series on working from home, we focused on the chair.  If the equipment you will be using for extended periods of time doesn’t fit, you will be sore, achy and miserable.  And, this is not the goal.  Monitoring height and […]

Remote working from home: Posture, Ergonomics, Exercises: a series on more choices when you are at home

SERIES ONE:  YOUR CHAIR IS THE FOUNDATION FOR A BETTER POSTURE The ability to change your posture yet maintain a good posture when working at a computer for extended time periods is like good real estate:  location, location, location!  Without going into extreme details, good and changing postures maintain optimal joint alignment, uses various muscle […]

An Answer to: “SAFE DISTANCING”: how it is not realistic for millions of individuals in their profession

COVID19 What we are learning from the COVID19 is just how quickly it spreads and has the capability to interact with certain medications people maybe taking. The consequences for some are life threatening and death.   Safe distancing was an easy method to begin a downward curve of this menacing virus, yet it is not a […]

Sore Feet? Maybe It is Due to Weak Foot Muscles!

All of us have more than likely experienced sore feet at one time or another. It could have been due from wearing those beautiful tight stilettos sported at a party, or from running that first 150 triathlon. Or maybe there is a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis? The reasons are varied. But, how many think of [...]

How Does the Range of Motion of All of Our Joints Really Affect Us?

Morning movement and stretch programs can do more for you than you think. Points to changing how you move. It does not matter what we do for work, outside of work, or where we are, movement is key to doing anything.  Even static positions are movement.  Muscles must attain a certain level of synchronized firing […]

Getting Beyond Low Hanging Fruit

How Accountable is Your Organization? Employee health and safety professionals understand the importance of safety in the workplace.  They know that safety comes in all shapes and sizes.  Yet, when bad decisions are made by management regarding safe procedures such as lock out tag out, what are some of the possible outcomes? Well, this: OSHA […]

Innovation Is Not Just for the New and Most Up-to-Date Products for Consumers

Your employees deserve innovation, too. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review focused on the importance of U.S. firms bringing home their innovation centers—which they’ve shifted overseas right along with manufacturing (Sridhar Kota, et al., 2018). The article additionally points out that the U.S. “has also lost the ability to do the kinds of […]

Why Your Morning Stretch Programs May Be Waning

Many organizations have some type of morning stretch program prior to the work day.  They are often led by employees volunteering to lead the program.   We consistently observe at various companies that many employees do not participate in the program.  When asked why, the reasons are varied and some examples are: “Stretching isn’t for me.” […]

The Benefits of Reducing Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) Through Better Movements, Postures and Tools

Let’s be realistic: many organizations’ production/manufacturing processes and equipment will not be changing to “fit” the worker any time soon. And even if they were, workers will still become injured. Why? Soft tissue adhesions will continue to happen due to work station alignments that can’t be customized to individual workers. MSDs will result in individuals […]

5 Mistakes You’re Making in Job Rotation

An employee comes to you and says that’s he’s hurting. In this case, it’s his shoulders.  So, you look down the line for a workstation requiring a different activity, and you plan a regular job rotation with the person running that station on his same shift.  With gratitude, the employee goes back to work. Four […]

Responding to OSHA’s New Form Filing Proposal

Saving time and money while continuing to protect employees and maintain their privacy? Today, OSHA proposed a new ruling for employers with <250 employees that will: Protect worker privacy Save money Decrease burden employers for multiple filings Decrease burden on OSHA Here is a small sampling of the introduction: DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Occupational Safety and […]

What Safety Managers Need to Know About CTS

The diagnoses of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) has lessened in the past number of years according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While this may be true, the diagnosis itself, and individual’s preconceived ideas that have accumulated as gospel over the years, need to catch up with the latest research.

Reducing Workers’ Comp Claims: A Radio Interview

Mike Switzer of the SC Business Review interviews Lori Peacock, CEO of Physical Performance Solutions, on the often overlooked and unique contributors to employee discomfort—including physical fitness—and how to optimize management of and provide relief for those factors.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Ergonomic Assessment

If you’re using a standardized ergonomic assessment form (or a set) to gauge the progress or success of your ergonomic initiative, you may not be realizing the total benefits available to you and your employees. You may also not be capturing or addressing the full scope of the issues before you. This is especially true […]


Employees are a company’s largest operating expense and its largest and most valuable resource.  The business we’re in—preventing employee injury through a multitude of proven methods—is a demonstrable way to say to all employees that your company cares.   Here are three methods to send a strong message to your employees about your company’s commitment to their wellbeing.

CASE STUDY: Early Symptom Reporting and Resolution in Welding

Press Release: Physical Performance Solutions Now Servicing the Textile Industry

Physical Performance Solutions Now Servicing the Textile Industry
Aiken, SC – Physical Performance Solutions, LLC announced today that it has added textiles to its growing list of industries served. The company offers Early Symptom Intervention programs to resolve employee discomfort before more serious injury, pain or cost accrues for employees and the companies for which they work.

Your Time at the Gym, on the Bike or on Your Horse Can Be Bad for Your Health

Finally, data analysts and orthopedic surgeons have gotten together to conduct a study of cervical injury across the United States, with a particular focus on sports-related injuries.  The findings of the study were presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). Guess what?  Football is bad for your neck! […]

Early Symptom Intervention (ESI) & Its Benefits

Savings and benefits achieved through the implementation of Early Symptom Intervention programs accrue quickly. Studies have shown that an immediate reduction in productivity-related costs such as absenteeism and worker’s comp claims are to be expected.  As worker health improves over time, the cumulative cost savings rise, and productivity and product quality improve. 

Infographic-Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Workers’ Compensation Costs


To Fix Forward Head Posture, You May Need to Look at Your “Ass”ets….

My name is Kim Romaner, and I’m the blog editor for Physical Performance Solutions.  Today I’ll be interviewing CEO Lori Peacock on correcting Forward Head Posture, or FHP. I have to admit that I’m conducting this interview on a somewhat personal basis, because many years ago I had a pretty bad car accident that left […]

ASSE Augusta Chapter PDC

November 17, 2017

As Corporate Counsel, the Best Way to Lower Workers’ Comp Costs

There’s a fantastic podcast out there called Workers Comp Matters, hosted by attorneys Alan and Judson Pierce as part of the Legal Talk Network.  The podcast covers legal issues surrounding worker’s compensation claims, shares recent rulings, and discusses broad areas of the applicable law, including contracts, constitutional issues, changes brought on by the current administration, […]

A Possible Component to Your “Culture of Caring”

A recent EHS Today article by Janice Berthold of Heffernan Insurance discusses the ways companies have reduced workers’ compensation insurance claims by demonstrating care for their employees in various ways. It’s not difficult to argue that companies should care for the people they employ, and any attempts to demonstrate true care are to be lauded. […]

Georgia Safety, Health and Environmental Conference

Date: 9/5/17 – 9/8/17

The Internet is Not an Expert on Your Body

When dealing with pain, it’s very tempting to turn to the ubiquitous oracle known as Google to find a solution. And there certainly is plenty of pain advice to be had on the Interwebs! Just visit’s home page and type “pain in…” and suggested searches instantly appear: “left side,” “right arm,” “right side….” All […]

Correct Movement Patterns Reduce Soft Tissue Injuries

Movement pattern changes occurs in all of us.  Whether you exercise or not, are an elite athlete or couch potato, it does not matter, all patterns of movements change.  The reasons vary greatly with every individual. This applies at work, whether a desk job or a more physical job as in assembling, material handling or […]

Inconsistent with the Application of Your Processes?

CONSISTENT APPLICATION OF YOUR COMPANY PROCESSES WILL LOWER RISK OF WORKER INJURY We use the word “consistent” a lot. It’s an adjective that can describe attributes in humans, animals, machinery, work tasks, decisions, and so on. In general, businesses strive to be more consistent: with tasks, communication, routines, and the use of company processes. Sometimes, […]

Humans Are Built to Move: Effects of Static Standing OR Sitting

In the past few years, many of us have heard or read about the new “Silent Killer”: prolonged sitting. The deleterious effects of sitting are reducing quality of life by dramatically decreasing physical abilities and increasing onsets of various disease processes. In manufacturing, however, the opposite may be taking place: prolonged static standing. This is […]

Risk Factors for Injuries in the Workplace

Tissue Adhesions and Dysfunctional Movement Patterns Can Be Risk Factors for Injuries in the Workplace Many institutions publish excellent guidelines on identifying risk in and around the workplace. For example, the Health and Safety Executive, a UK government organization concerned with the health and safety of Great Britain’s people at work or in the community, […]

Have You Really GEMBA Walked Workstation Movements?

Look on the Other Side of the Coin Most manufacturing companies have heard, read and used a GEMBA walk within a LEAN approach to identify waste, develop more efficiency, produce what is necessary, and increase good communications through discussions with workers in a specific area and reviewing current processes. GEMBA walks, LEAN manufacturing and Kaizen […]

Welcome to the Physical Performance Solutions Blog!

We understand that companies face challenges related to employee health and wellbeing that resonate across the organization: safety, product quality, employee engagement/attrition and finance. At Physical Performance Solutions, we’ve demonstrated our ability to resolve employee discomfort before they become injuries, thus improving employees’ ability to work more safely and effectively both on the job and […]