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PRESS RELEASE: Tyler Wahlert Joins Physical Performance Solutions Team

Aiken, SC – Physical Performance Solutions, LLC was pleased to announce today that Tyler Wahlert has joined the company in the capacity of both therapist and technology expert.

With a B.S. in software engineering, a license in massage therapy, and a full body certification in Active Release Techniques, Mr. Walhert is well-equipped to help employees of the company’s corporate clients to resolve musculoskeletal disorders and return to better health via a variety of means.

“I discovered Physical Performance Solutions after traditional medicine failed to provide long term relief to the soft tissue injuries I sustained while in the military,” said Mr. Wahlert.  “During my search for healing, and spending thousands of dollars on various forms of treatment, I learned that many doctors and therapists only treat the symptoms and don’t take the time or have the training to find the cause. Physical Performance Solutions addressed the cause of my pain and brought me relief.  That experience inspired me to help others find the same relief.”

“Tyler is an excellent, empathetic and intuitive therapist, having suffered through issues similar to those of our patients,” said Lori Peacock, president of Physical Performance Solutions.  “In addition, his technical expertise will allow us to offer our clients a wider array of technology tools to complement our hands-on and in-person services.”

Mr. Wahlert will apply his technology background to develop a library of in-depth training videos offered exclusively to Physical Performance Solutions clients.

“Our mission has always been to pursue and utilize the best means available in technology, manual therapies, and movement re-training to empower our clients,” Ms. Peacock said.  “Tyler will be a great asset in helping us continue to achieve that mission.”


About Physical Performance Solutions

Physical Performance Solutions, LLC, based in Aiken, South Carolina, is a leader in evidenced-based biomechanics, offering cutting edge, cost effective and proactive strategies for reducing worker discomfort and injury in manufacturing and corporate environments. The company’s “one solution fits one” approach ensures the highest quality care for individual employees while dramatically reducing risk and safety issues for their employers.  Industries currently served by the company include textiles, food processing, aerospace, automotive, and electrical component manufacturing.  Learn more at


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We understand that companies face challenges related to employee health and wellbeing that resonate across the organization: safety, product quality, employee engagement/attrition and finance.

At Physical Performance Solutions, we’ve demonstrated our ability to resolve employee discomfort before they become injuries, thus improving employees’ ability to work more safely and effectively both on the job and at home.

Through our onsite service programs, we can help your company dramatically reduce OSHA recordable injuries and workers’ compensation costs. Our proprietary data collection system will provide your key executives and managers with new insights regarding operations.

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