Reducing Discomfort You May at Work

“I am very appreciative that my company offers an early symptom intervention program. Our work entails us to frequently stoop or deep squat to lift the product. If it wasn’t for this program, I would be out of work a lot! My low back hasn’t felt this great in years!” —Chad C.

It is always the goal of manufacturing companies to produce the best quality product and service. Individuals working on the line, building those products are industrial athletes. As with any athlete, physical training and preventative body work become a necessity in order to continue to work at their best. Physical Performance Solutions is an adjunct to manufacturing companies to provide the necessary tools to:

Risk Mitigation of Workplace Injury:
Prevent musculoskeletal disorders from becoming lost time and decreased productivity through our proven method for reducing the adhesions in soft tissue that is caused by overuse, repetition, static postures, and injury.

Movement Assessments:
Movement assessments of the use of any work station using surface electromyography and video guides in identifying hindrances in movement, techniques, design, and plans with the team to develop a resolution to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorder exposure.

Customized Fitness Programs:
Each work station has its own movement patterns. Based on the flexibility and strength required, tailored fitness programs are designed. Added to this, each individual comes with his or her own strengths and weaknesses; we address this component as well, thereby creating a total customized plan that is measured at the beginning and at 12-week intervals for progress.

On/Off site private or group fitness:
The fitness programs may be used at onsite gyms or at any gym of choice. We have good working relationships with area fitness gyms where many employees have memberships or can obtain one.

Objective Measures:
Tracking progress is critical to indicate how well on target the directed path companies are. Physical Performance Solutions works with each company to meet their tracking needs.