Slips, trips, and falls on level surfaces continue to be a major percentage of non-fatal employee soft tissue injuries.  Why?  Viewing the chart below, using the 2019 BLS data, age is a definite player in the cause.

Ages forty-five through sixty-five and older constitute eighty percent of the accidents.  Why?  I conjecture that the aging process, decreased strength, increased body mass, medical comorbidities play a significant role in the accidents.  All of these factors create a domino effect that you may not feel yet it exists.  Do something before something happens to you.

If you are in this age group, then you want to consider:

  • Committing to increasing flexibility and strength. It does not equate to spending hours in a gym. But your mind is remaining young, so commit to some time to keeping your body in better physical abilities.
  • Decrease body weight if you know you are overweight. Remember, as you age and your weight increases, speed reaction skills slow down exponentially.
  • Suppose you have knee arthritis, and it is now limiting your walking. In that case, there are excellent offloading knee braces that are lightweight, fit the majority of individuals (yes, even those with large thigh circumference), and do reduce pain in the knee joint with the loading of the knee.
  • Never rush to get somewhere. You may regret it.

Soft tissue injuries, including bone fractures, as we age take much longer to heal.   Most physical therapy facilities do not have the time to spend one on one to truly restore tissue movement that speeds healing and increases longer-lasting positive outcomes.

Do not become another worker injury statistic!