We understand that companies face challenges related to employee health and wellbeing that resonate across the organization: safety, product quality, employee engagement/attrition and finance.

At Physical Performance Solutions, we’ve demonstrated our ability to resolve employee discomfort before they become injuries, thus improving employees’ ability to work more safely and effectively both on the job and at home.

Through our onsite service programs, we can help your company dramatically reduce OSHA recordable injuries and workers’ compensation costs. Our proprietary data collection system will provide your key executives and managers with new insights regarding operations.

Via this blog, we will provide educational information to:

  • Help employees avoid movement-related discomfort and injury
  • Help safety officers respond faster and more effectively to issues
  • Help employers create better employee engagement and retention
  • Provide customized pain treatment for resolving employee discomfort before it becomes an injury
  • Outline specific strategies for reducing workers compensation costs and risk
  • Protect product quality through maintaining a healthy workforce

We’ll also share case studies of methods we’ve used and results we’ve achieved with corporate clients large and small.

At Physical Performance Solutions, we use innovative technology, custom programs, manual therapies, and movement re-training to empower both employees and employers.To get our monthly digest of blog posts, please join our community by signing up for our newsletter below.